Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Advantages Of Double Opt In List Building And How To Use Your Autoresponder.

With effective double opt in list building, you get to see a number of advantages. To begin with, your marketing costs go down to almost being negligible when you are emailing your promotional material to the audience, as emailing doesn’t cost you money. Once you get your material ready, the same can be emailed to a huge number of prospects, without the costs of printing a separate copy for each member, and other mailing costs.

Since the people who opt in for your emails are already very targeted prospects who have displayed a high level of interest in your products, the results of your marketing campaign is much more efficient. The other advantage of double opt in list building is that you are actually getting hold of people who permit you to send them your promotional material. Thus there are no risks of people complaining about you sending them spam mails and junk mails.

Refrain from spamming their inboxes with your mails if they choose to opt out. If you continue to send them mails even after they have asked to be removed from your lists, complaints can be lodged against you and you can even face lawsuits. Moreover, the reputation of your business suffers hugely.

You can prevent such a situation by sending an email to the individuals on your lists asking them for confirmation regarding if they would want to receive emails from you. In such a situation, don’t start emailing them until you receive a confirmation email from them. Such an email will safeguard you against future problems.

Now Here's How To Use Your Autoresponder...

"I'm a technophobe, how do I use this?"
"I don't know HTML..."
"This autoresponder is designed for geeks!"

I hear it all the time. All the complaints beginners have about
using an autoresponder.

It doesn't bother me though. Back when I started, I had to face the
same challenges too.

What DOES bother me is people stop themselves too early just becausethey think they have to be technically capable to use these "magical-machine" that only mystical technogeeks can operate.

Listen, building a list and profiting from it is only 10% technology...

...and 90% psychology.

And I can teach you the psychology part easily, all you need is a brain and a

You see, up till today I only know enough about using autoresponders to handle 80% of my needs. And that means steady incomes for me, and occasionally 5 figures everynow and then.

So here's how to use an autoresponder:

1. Log in to your autoresponder account
2. Click on the "Live Support Chat" button
(The Big Green One)
3. Ask your question.
4. Receive step-by-step instructions
5. Follow instruction like an 8-year-old


1. Log in to your autoresponder account
2. Click on the link called "FAQ"
3. Enter a keyword describing your problem
4. Receive step-by-step instructions
5. Follow instruction like a brainless monkey.

Get my message now?

Obviously it's a lot harder for me to explain all you need to know about using your autoresponders in email.

But the good news is... if you choose the right autoresponder, you can get help anytime you need.

Plus, they even have professionally designed,step-by-step instruction videos for you to follow.
How cool is that?

All you need now is the psychology of building your list and marketing to them so you can convert subscribers into cash

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