Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Technique To Increase Sign-Ups At Your Websites!

Back in 1998, most sign-up web pages
on the internet were nothing more than
a name and email field in a tiny little
box under the words "Register Here".

After the squeeze page was invented, sign-
up pages have turned into a full webpage
with strong compelling messages.

Now, a whole new genre of world-class
squeeze pages are used by hardcore
marketers to skyrocket opt-in rates on
web pages up to 54%!

Read closely as you discover...

Here's how I use a free website to boost
my sign-up rates in one night!

All I did was stood in front of my digital
camera, set it to shoot video, and smiled!

Of course, I recorded 1 minute 32 second
worth of footage of me congratulating new
visitors for reaching my web site, intro-
ducing myself, and asking them to sign up with
their name and email address.

That's it.

I used to host the video so I
never have to pay for the bandwidth every
time the video loads and embedding the video
to my website was as easy as A-B-C.

There are many reasons why adding video
to your sign-up page increases response.

Some say it's because it cements my
credibility and people feel comforted
that there is a person behind the webpage.

But one thing I have found from all my
testing is adding video caused my visitors
to stay on my website longer.


Making your visitors stay on your webpage
long enough to read the compelling messages
and instructions is the key to getting their
contact information.

What it also does is break the pre-occupation
your visitor has when they arrive at your
website... so they mute the loud television,
hang up the phone, and ignore the crying baby
next door and follow your sign-up instructions.

Do this now... and you'll get more subscribers,
more customers, and more sales in your next email

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